Lazy Oak

A family owned winery in Mudgee

Wine Tasting at Lazy Oak

Lazy Oak, an intimate, family-run boutique winery, proudly nestles amidst the serene hills of the Mudgee region in New South Wales, Australia. The family's serendipitous journey into winemaking has led to the creation of a range of delightful wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz Cabernet, and Sparkling Rosé, all crafted with a distinctive Mudgee touch. The tale of their unexpected immersion into vineyard management and the joys of crafting wines make their Cellar Door a must-visit on any wine tour.

Visit Lazy Oak in Mudgee

A visit to Lazy Oak offers more than just wine tasting. Nestled just 12 minutes from Mudgee on the award-winning grounds of the former Miramar Vineyard, Lazy Oak welcomes guests to sample their extensive range in a genuine country setting. The tasting room, dotted with gum trees and overlooking the sprawling vineyard, adds to the authentic charm.

Visitors can savour their wide selection of wines, either inside their country Cellar Door or alfresco amidst the scenic landscape. The experience is elevated with Lazy Oak's popular grazing boxes filled with local delicacies like cheese, olives, cured meats, and sourdough — a perfect pairing for their wines.

Alongside their passionate commitment to winemaking, Lazy Oak regularly hosts fun, seasonal, and special events to entertain their guests, adding to the allure of their venue. An intriguing addition to their offerings is the Mudgee Wine School classes, which aim to enrich wine appreciation and knowledge for all.

Whether you're tasting their wine, partaking in an event, or enjoying their sumptuous grazing boxes, every visit to Lazy Oak promises a blend of memorable wines and experiences

You can expect the following from a tasting at Lazy Oak:

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To ensure a spot at a structured tasting, booking ahead is recommended. With a range of 12 wines available to taste in the Lazy Oak range and a further 3 available in the Miramar Wine range, there really is a style, varietal, and a wine to suit everyone.

For those who prefer a self-guided experience, Lazy Oak's Wine Paddle flight provides the opportunity to taste 6 wines from their range, accompanied by comprehensive tasting notes.

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