Discover the vibrant and distinctive Savagnin blanc, a white wine grape variety that's causing a stir in the Australian wine scene. Don't let its name confuse you with Sauvignon blanc – Savagnin is in a league of its own. With its green-skinned berries, this grape thrives in the Jura region of France, where it's transformed into the renowned Savagnin wine, as well as the coveted vin jaune and vin de paille.

Now, Australian winemakers are harnessing the unique qualities of Savagnin blanc to craft their own expressive and captivating wines. Expect a wine that boasts a crisp acidity and tantalizing aromas, offering a delightful sensory experience. From zesty citrus notes to hints of exotic fruits, each sip of Australian Savagnin blanc transports you to sun-drenched vineyards with a touch of French elegance.

Top places to try Savagnin.