Paulett Wines

A boutique Winery and Cellar Door in the Clare Valley

Wine Tasting at Paulett

Paulett Wines, located in the Clare Valley, is a family-owned winery renowned for its world-class Rieslings and breathtaking views. Since its establishment in 1983 by Neil and Alison Paulett, and now under the stewardship of son Matt and his wife Ali, the winery has dedicated itself to producing wines that are a true reflection of the region's unique terroir. Specialising in small-batch production, Paulett Wines prioritises quality over quantity, ensuring each bottle captures the essence of the Polish Hill River region's distinctive flinty minerality and natural acidity. The winery's commitment to excellence is evident in its array of wines, from the award-winning Riesling to a diverse selection of reds and whites, each embodying the smooth, restrained character of Clare Valley varietals.

Paulett Wines takes pride in its Bush DeVine Winery Restaurant, an award-winning establishment that celebrates the local produce and bush food garden. The restaurant, alongside the winery, offers a unique gastronomic experience, where the connection between the wine and the land is highlighted through each dish. The winery's achievements, including the accolade of producing the "Best Riesling in the World" for its 2005 Aged Release Polish Hill Riesling, underscore its dedication to crafting wines that not only resonate with the connoisseurs but also create memorable moments for families and friends.

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The Cellar Door at Paulett Wines is an invitation to immerse oneself in the world of fine wine and food. Offering a range of tasting experiences, from the popular Canapé & Wine Flight Tasting Experience to comprehensive wine tastings, visitors have the opportunity to explore the full spectrum of Paulett Wines' offerings. Each experience is designed to showcase the harmony between the wines and the culinary delights prepared by Bush DeVine Winery Restaurant's head chef, Thomas Erkelenz. With an emphasis on native Australian flavours and local produce, the tasting experiences at Paulett Wines are not just about wine; they are about celebrating the Clare Valley's bounty in a setting that combines rustic charm with stunning vistas.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Paulett:

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Bookings are recommended for all tasting and dining experiences at Paulett Wines to ensure every guest receives the attention and care that define the winery's approach to hospitality. Whether opting for a casual tasting or a more indulgent food and wine pairing, reservations allow visitors to fully engage with the winery's extensive wine portfolio and seasonal culinary offerings. The Cellar Door's commitment to providing a welcoming and informative environment ensures that each visit is a journey through the flavours and stories of the Clare Valley, making Paulett Wines a must-visit destination for those seeking to explore the region's rich wine culture.

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