The best wineries to visit in New England

The New England Wine Region

The New England wine region in northern New South Wales, extending to the Queensland border, is a distinguished and emerging area in the Australian wine landscape. Recognized with Geographical Indication status in 2008, this region has deep historical roots in viticulture, dating back to the early settlers.

This unique region is characterised by a diverse climate and varied elevation, contributing to the distinct qualities of its wines. Many vineyards in New England are located at high altitudes along the Great Dividing Range, while others are found in warmer areas on the western edges of the New England Tablelands. This geographical variety results in a range of microclimates, leading to a diverse array of wine styles.

New England is particularly renowned for its Chardonnay, known for its balance, generous stone fruit, citrus, and tropical fruit aromas. The region also produces Riesling, celebrated for its fragrant floral and exotic citrus notes. Shiraz from New England is noted for its softness, elegance, and compatibility with food, featuring bright red berry flavours.

In recent times, the New England wine region has seen a rise in alternative varieties like Tempranillo, Gewurztraminer, and Nebbiolo. These varieties are gaining attention for their quality and the innovative approaches of local winemakers, adding to the region's reputation for diverse and high-quality wine production.

The New England wine region offers a unique experience, blending rich history with modern winemaking techniques. It stands as a testament to the evolving and dynamic nature of Australian winemaking.

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