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Email Booking Requests: From Browsing to Booking

Door Explorer launches "Email Booking Requests" to simplify the process of booking wine tastings.

  • Streamlining bookings between guests and wineries to just a few clicks.
  • Improves experience of booking multiple tastings via the Door Explorer platform.
  • Free service for wineries and guests, with no fees. Thats right 100% free.
George CampbellGeorge Campbell, Co-founderon Thu 2nd Nov 2023
Booking Request FormImage: Hero image for the Release of Email Booking Requests - showing a screenshot of the Booking Request email wineries receive.

Door Explorer announces the launch of "Email Booking Requests"— a feature designed to streamline the booking journey for both Guests and Wineries.

This feature bridges the gap between discovering the perfect Cellar Door and booking a tasting experience. With just a few clicks, Guests can select an experience, enter their details and submit a booking request. Wineries are notified via email and can confirm reservations with a single click.

At launch, the feature is active for over 100 wineries on Door Explorer, specifically those without booking systems, but do accept bookings via email or contact form. We plan to extend this service to additional wineries in the coming months.

"We looked at the friction users and wineries were experiencing while making bookings, and saw a simple way to improve the experience, that doesn't require wineries to integrate with our platform— meaning we can launch at scale.

By adopting email for booking requests, we align with most wineries' existing processes, but bring structured simplicity to what was previously a varied experience for everyone involved."

George Campbell, Co-founder

The Problem: Friction with Bookings

With Door Explorer it's easy to find the right Cellar Door for your group. But, booking can be tricky. Guests are directed to the winery's website, facing mixed booking methods— some have forms, others use email or phone. This inconsistency complicates the experience of booking a trip with multiple wine tastings.

It should be simpler.

If booking isn’t simple, then it’s tempting to not book at all. Which leads to walk-ins, making it hard for wineries to plan. Or, guests might change their mind, and go somewhere else.

For wineries, bookings are key for staffing and table planning. Some wineries resort to using booking software designed for restaurants, which, while functional, is often cluttered with unnecessary features and comes with high cost. Many wineries skip these tools, opting to manage bookings themselves via email and phone, which is cumbersome for both guests and wineries.

We can do better and bridge this gap.

The Solution: Email Booking Requests

Guests can now click "Request a Booking" on a Door Explorer listing, and fill out the simple booking form. This captures essential details like contact information, preferred date and time, number of guests, and chosen experience. We then email this information directly to the winery's listed booking contact, streamlining the process for both parties.

Booking Request FormImage: A screenshot of the Booking form Guests use to request a booking at supported wineries.

Wineries receive an email with all necessary details and can simply click "Accept" or "Decline." If adjustments are needed, they can directly contact the guest or Door Explorer for assistance.

When the request is Accepted, the guests receive a confirmation email and their booking shows as "Confirmed" in their Door Explorer account. Wineries usually respond within a few hours (up to 48hrs) during business hours. Door Explorer follows up if there's a delay, ensuring the booking is confirmed.

Booking Request EmailImage: A screenshot of the Booking Request Email wineries receive with guest details.

This feature allows guests to easily book multiple tastings through Door Explorer, simplifying trip planning. It also enables wineries to receive bookings referred by Door Explorer, taking advantage of its marketing efforts in promoting wine tourism across key wine regions.

The Future: Booking Software for Wineries

This Email Booking Requests functionality lays the groundwork for Door Explorer to build a fully featured booking tool for wineries. Wineries can benefit from what is already built by linking directly to their booking page, from their website or social media. From here their guests will be able to use Door Explorer to book directly with them, replacing the need for contact forms or email to book.{winery-url}/booking?src=direct

Note: by adding ?src=direct to their booking Url, wineries can track whether a guest is booking directly with them, or is being referred by Door Explorer.

Door Explorer offers its email booking service free to both wineries and guests, without any associated fees. This tool is ideal for wineries that handle bookings manually, streamlining the process and reducing the need for email or phone requests. It also complements existing booking systems, enabling wineries to capture referral bookings seamlessly.

Getting Started

Wineries that would like to learn more about how Door Explorer can help streamline the booking process can contact the founders directly at [email protected]. We'd love to help as many Australian wineries accept bookings for tastings as possible.

Door Explorer is committed to supporting the discovery and enjoyment of Australia's wine regions. We welcome enquiries from media, wine enthusiasts, and winery partners alike.

For further information about Door Explorer, additional quotes, or to arrange an interview, please contact:

George Campbell, Co-founder — [email protected]

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